Super Decathlon Aerobatic Introductory Flight Lesson

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Super Decathlon Aerobatic Introductory Flight Lesson

Approximately 30 minutes of ground instruction, followed by approximately 60 minutes of thrilling aerobatic flight!

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Buckle Up! Seriously!!!

This amazing single person experience will take you on the ride of your life! Blaze through the skies in this high performance beast of an airplane called the Super Decathlon.

With a parachute strapped to your back and you strapped into your seat, this thrilling experience includes a series of heart-pounding maneuvers including rolls, loops, spins, and other death-defying feats!

Your professionally certified aerobatic instructor will explain aerobatics and general aviation knowledge along the way as you embark on this exciting 90 minute journey.

Super Decathlon Aerobatic Introductory Flight Package:

  • Approximately 60 minutes of in-flight instruction
  • Your instructor will take off and land; demonstrate basic aerobatic maneuvers, then give YOU the controls to try your hand at aerobatic flight!
  • Your own starter pilot logbook
  • Counts as your 1st hour of instruction towards your license
  • No obligation to continue training–just have a good time!
  • Experienced flight staff from general aviation and major airlines
  • Must be age 15 or over
  • Must weigh 250 lbs or less
  • Due to TSA requirements, you must be a US citizen to participate
  • Appointment required
  • Valid for one year from date of purchase