Aviation Careers

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Aviation opens the door to a multitude of career opportunities available to you in commercial aviation. Aviation careers are virtually unlimited, and the rewards are unparalleled in any other industry.

You can begin earning money by flying with as few as 150 flight hours, and your career opportunities expand with the more flight hours you accumulate. Here are just a few of the possibilities available to you in the world of aviation, but the opportunities are truly endless!

US Sport Flight Academy owner Patrick Arnzen was an airline pilot before setting his sights on creating a revolutionary flight school!

Airline Pilot
For most people starting out in aviation today, becoming an airline pilot is the ultimate goal. The major airlines’ equipment is usually the biggest and best available, there is a large demand for airline pilots, the working conditions are comfortable, and the pay is excellent. Best of all, you can travel the world!

Commuter Airline Pilot
Commuter airline pilot is generally a step taken before becoming a major airline pilot. As the feeder of pilots to the majors, the commuter pilot is much sought after. With the current demand for airline pilots, opportunities are abundant for those who accumulate around 1500 flight hours. The most popular way to accumulate these hours is by working as a
flight instructor.

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Some of our flight instructors are full-time; others have additional aviation careers and instruct on the side for fun. When he isn’t flying a Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Dan enjoys instructing at US Sport Flight Academy!

Corporate Pilot
Corporate pilots fly aircraft owned by business and industrial firms, often transporting company executives and other passengers on cross-country flights. Corporate pilots can fly anything from a Cessna 310 to a Gulfstream G5 and more. Corporate flight departments are growing and fly regularly to international locations while providing excellent salaries and working conditions. Many corporate flying opportunities are attractive to pilots because most do not require as many hours as commuter airlines.

Career Flight Instructor
While flight instruction is merely a temporary hour-building job for many commercial pilots, it is also a viable career in itself. Every day more people decide to become pilots, and therefore the need for professional flight instructors will never go away. Flight instruction is a worthy and satisfying profession, as it allows you to share your wisdom and expertise with aspiring flyers who often become good friends and colleagues. There are many different types of flight instructors-from ground instructors to multi engine instructors and more-and you can get training for every type here at US Sport Flight Academy!

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With a background in teaching, Todd is now a career ground instructor. With the help of USSFA, he began the McKinney Aviation Academy at MISD to instruct aspiring pilots in high school!

Non Flying Aviation Jobs
Airport management, charter sales, flight dispatcher, the flight simulation industry, aviation insurance brokerage and many more! There are many non-flying careers in aviation to explore. Many require an Instrument Rating with Commercial Pilot Certificate, but others still don’t even require a pilot certificate at all! The industry holds exciting opportunities available to those who have a flying background or those who simply love aviation.

If you have any questions about any of these email info@ussportflightacademy.com or give us a call at 972-735-9099! Our present and former students and employees have gone on to amazing things in the aviation industry and beyond.