Professional Pilot Track


US Sport Flight Academy’s Professional Pilot Track Program is designed to get you from zero to airline minimums in as little as 2 years for the least cost possible.

Any of these steps can be completed at your own pace or in an accelerated format. All of our flight training programs can be fully customized to fit your needs! You will have your choice of 1-on-1 instructor dedicated to you throughout your training and you can switch between instructors at any time.

At US Sport Flight Academy, we work around your schedule – not the other way around! You can devote as many hours per week as you’d like, whether that’s full-time or on a limited schedule. We will work with you every step of the way!

These prices and timelines are estimates based on averages of students who train several times per week. These do not factor in uncontrollable events such as inclement weather that may delay your training. You should always over-budget both time and finances when flight training anywhere, including here at US Sport Flight Academy. For personalized estimates and advice on planning your flight training, call Nathan at 972-735-9099 ext. 5!

Step One: Private Pilot Certificate

TIMELINE: 14 Days (accelerated), 65 Days (Self-Paced)
COST: $9,500

Step Two: Instrument Rating

TIMELINE: 14 Days (accelerated), 40 Days (Self-Paced)
COST: $9,500

Step Three: Time Building

COST: $22,500

Step Four: Commercial Multi-Engine

COST: $5,000

Step Five: Commercial Single-Engine

COST: $1,200

Step Six: Flight Instructor Certification

You also have the option of earning your CFII and/or MEI at this time!

COST: $3,700

Professional Pilot Track Cessna 172 G1000

Total Zero to CFI Timeline: 200 Days
Total Zero to CFI Cost: $51,400

Final Step: Employment


Guaranteed interview with US Sport Flight Academy as a full-time CFI upon immediate completion of the CFI program. You’ll then build hours until the 1500 required by regional airlines! With the current demand for airline pilots, opportunities are abundant for those who accumulate around 1500 flight hours.