Pilot Certificate

Earn your Sport, Private, CFI-Sport, Commercial, and CFI certifications with guaranteed easy checkride scheduling! US Sport Flight Academy currently offers several certificate training programs in both self-paced and accelerated formats – call 972-735-9099 for more information!


Sport Pilot

In 2004 the FAA announced the new Sport Pilot Rules and Certification of aircraft and Airmen, an initiative that has dramatically reduced the cost of learning to fly. The Sport Pilot certification process requires as little as 20 hours of instruction from an FAA certified flight instructor. The holder of a Sport Pilot Certificate may fly a Light Sport Aircraft (a two-place aircraft weighing less than 1320 lbs.) unlimited distances within the United States in good weather during daylight hours. Sport pilots are also permitted to fly to and from the Bahamas in light sport aircraft. Click here for more information!


Private Pilot

For about a third less than the cost of training at a traditional flight school, you can earn your Private Pilot Certificate with US Sport Flight Academy and enjoy a lifetime of memorable flying experiences. Did you know you can get your Private Pilot Certificate in a Light Sport Aircraft? US Sport Flight Academy gives you the flexibility to train in either Light Sport Aircraft or more traditional aircraft (or both!) so you can train the way you want! What’s more, our fleet of training aircraft consists of brand new to late model aircraft so you won’t have to bother with other flight schools’ 40 year old aircraft plagued with maintenance issues! Click here for more information!



Start getting paid to fly before you even get your instrument rating or commercial pilot certification! Thanks to the new FAA Sport Pilot Certified Flight Instructor (CFIS) certification, you can start earning money as a pilot after only 150 hours! Get paid to build time on your way to your commercial license while you instruct students in our fleet of brand new to late model SportCruisers – click here to learn more!


Commercial Pilot

Get paid to fly! With US Sport Flight Academy’s commercial pilot training program you can not only earn your CPL, you can also do it for a fraction of the cost of other commercial pilot training programs. Click here to learn more!



By far the most common way for commercial pilots to build time for careers such as the airlines is through flight instruction. After completion of our CFI program you’re guaranteed an interview to become a flight instructor at US Sport Flight Academy! Start building hours while instructing in a variety of aircraft! After about 18 months of instructing at US Sport Flight Academy, you will be at airline minimums and ready to take the next step in your professional pilot career! Click here to learn more!