Complete CFI-Sport Pilot Certificate Certification Training Package Accelerated Commercial

Complete CFI-Sport Training Package: $2,465

This price includes:

  • 5 hours of flight instruction in the CSA SportCruiser
  • 2 hours of spin training in the Xtreme Decathlon
  • 30 hours of classroom ground instruction
  • Jeppesen Discovery Series books and study guides



  • Must hold a Sport or Private Pilot License
  • At least 150 hours total time (including 100 hours PIC, 25 hours cross-country)


The package includes everything that is required to get most commercial pilots ready for the FAA CFI-Sport checkride – all in one package price. The only thing that is not included is test fees which must be paid directly to an FAA authorized testing center or designated examiner.

US Sport Flight Academy has the perfect aircraft for any pilot looking to achieve their CFI-Sport Certificate. The SportCruiser is used extensively for flight training around the world. The excellent flight characteristics of the aircraft and robust construction of the airframe are perfectly suited to entry-level students and this makes the SportCruiser the ideal platform for training purposes. Due to the highest standards of safety, superior performance, ease of maintenance and low through-life operating costs the SportCruiser has quickly established itself as the new benchmark for flight training. The facts on the market today clearly confirm the leadership of the SportCruiser within the flight training segment of the Light Sport Aircraft market. The SportCruiser is also ideal for any CFI-S applicant because they’ll be eligible for a block rate of just $125 per hour! Pair that with our top notch team of flight instructors and the Complete CFI-S Training Package at US Sport Flight Academy can’t be beat!

Regular Price: $3,395
Special Package Price: $2,465
Savings: $930

Customize Your Training!

For most students, the Complete CFI-Sport Training Package is the best, easiest, and most affordable way to get your Sport Flight Instructor Certificate. However, one size doesn’t fit all! We know everyone has distinctive needs and difficult schedules, so you can also train in a variety of different aircraft or pay per lesson to tailor your flight training to your unique situation! Check out our fleet for more information on different aircraft you can train in.

We will tailor your training program to your specific individual needs, no matter what your situation is… we guarantee it!

Complete CFI-Sport Pilot Certificate Certification Training Package Accelerated Commercial

Fast, Affordable, Effective

For about 25% less than the cost of training at a traditional flight school, you can earn your CFI-S Certificate with US Sport Flight Academy and enjoy a lifetime of memorable flying experiences!

  • Train in the “sports coupe of the sky” – the CSA SportCruiser!
  • Experienced flight instructor staff
  • Accelerated flight training specialists
  • Learn to fly in weeks, not months!
  • Flexible scheduling
  • No fuel surcharges
  • No hidden fees


Why Become a CFI-S?

The CFI-Sport certification is a breakthrough in both simplifying the process of becoming a flight instructor and allowing pilots to earn money after only 150 flight hours… before they even get their instrument rating or commercial pilot certificate. Becoming a CFI-Sport allows you to be paid as a flight instructor and earn valuable PIC time while you are still obtaining other certificates and ratings!

Becoming a CFI-S is a great way to expand your knowledge and hone your skills even if you aren’t looking to build time for a corporate or airline pilot career. Becoming a CFI-S provides the opportunity to build valuable flight time, gain experience, refine proficiency, and increase safety awareness… all while being paid to fly!

By instructing, CFI-S’s are constantly being challenged to learn, comprehend, communicate, and refine every aspect of their piloting skills.

CFI-S’s play a crucial role in impacting the future of aviation, and teaching student pilots can be extremely personally rewarding.

US Sport Flight Academy is the perfect setting for aspiring CFI-S’s to complete their flight instructor certifications as Addison Airport (KADS) it is one of the busiest general aviation airports in the entire country. US Sport Flight Academy prepares CFI-S candidates to teach anywhere in the USA!

Complete CFI-Sport Pilot Certificate Certification Training Package Accelerated Commercial

What are the FAA Training Requirements for the CFI-S Certificate?

  • 150 hours Total Time
  • 100 hours PIC Powered Aircraft
  • 50 hours Single Engine
  • 25 hours Cross Country
  • 15 hours PIC LSA
  • Pass FOI Knowledge Test
  • Pass CFI-Sport Knowledge Test
  • Spin Training Endorsement
  • Pass CFI-Sport Check Ride


I want my CFI-S Certificate and I want it NOW! What accelerated options do I have?

US Sport Aircraft offers its entire lineup of training programs in accelerated formats ideal for those interested in an immersive and fast-tracked training experience! Our dedicated team will work with you to plan out a block of time in which you can train as often as you want while accomplishing scheduled objectives and goals.

Completing CFI-Sport certification can take as little as a week in one of our accelerated programs!