CFI Academy

Fight Instructor Initial Issue – Single or Multi

US Sport Aircraft CFI course is designed for pilots who wish to expand their career horizons as a professional pilot for the airlines or simply to expand their knowledge and skills and enjoy a career as an Aviation Instructor. Attainment of the Certified Flight Instructor Airplane will allow you to begin working as a CFI where you will provide primary instruction for Private or Sport Pilots, advanced instruction for Commercial Pilots, Bi-Annual Check-Rides and insurance check-outs. The demand for flight instructors far outstrips the current supply as the Regional Air Carriers are hiring from the flight instructor ranks as soon as they achieve 1500 total hours (less in some cases) required by regulation to fly for the airlines. Today, the opportunities in aviation are the greatest they have been for over 40 years. US Sport Flight Academy CFI Course is your route to a rewarding, profitable aviation career.

Course Pre-requisites

• Have at least 250 hours total time.
• Hold a Commercial Pilot Certificate or ATP (ASEL or AMEL) with Instrument Rating.
• Hold a valid FAA 3rd Class Medical Certificate (or higher).

Course Structure

CFI training at US Sport Aircraft is a professional aviation course of instruction focused on teaching you to teach students. It consists of approximately 50+ hours of interactive ground sessions where your knowledge and understanding of maneuvers and procedures will be expanded with a focus on how you transfer this knowledge to your student. You will construct lesson plans, practice teaching to other class members, learn how to deal with student frustrations and how to organize your time during a flight or ground lesson. The flight portion transitions you from the left seat to the right seat, both in terms of flight proficiency and knowing what to say and do during the lesson. Safety is emphasized throughout the training. Graduates are fully prepared to begin their career as a Flight Instructor.

CFI Ground School Commercial Written Knowledge FAA CFII MEI Instructor Flight Academy School Training

Complete CFI Training Package: $3,695

This price represents the SEL* course cost.

• All FAA required ground training for CFI-A license (approximately 50+ hours) provided by Senior Flight Instructor(s) and/or Chief Pilots.
• 9 hours of flight instruction towards CFI Requirements and Proficiency
• Training in Complex and Aerobatic Aircraft
• Preparation for the FAA Written Exams (FIA/FOI)
• ASA Book Series and Study Guides
• Electronic Copies of relevant FAA Publications provided.

*Note: Call us for the MEL Package Price.

Other Costs

• FAA Written Exam Fees: $165.00 per exam
• Designated Pilot Examiner: Practical Exam $800-$1000 depending upon DPE.
• Hotel Costs – $80/Nt. + Tax.  US Sport Aircraft suggests StayBridge Suites Addison/Dallas, Texas. 16060 Dallas Parkway. Dallas, Texas 75248. 972.726.9990. (Ask for Shannon Vizcarra and mention you are a student with US Sport Aircraft.) The hotel  has a shuttle that operates between US Sport Aircraft and the hotel property.
• Books or Pubs you wish to add to your library.

Note: If you request and are assigned a FAA Inspector for your check ride there is no examiner fee.

What can you expect in a Training Day?

Class begins promptly at 8:00 AM. During the nine consecutive days of Ground Instruction the day is split into two 4-hour segments. Training segments cover one or more of the required instruction topics as well as providing opportunities for students to “practice teach”. Each lesson reinforces FOI (Fundamental of Instruction) topics and includes comprehensive review of questions as presented in the Practical Test Standard’s. Ground instruction ends at 5:00 with students often continuing to work collaboratively to construct lesson plans, prepare FOI flash cards, share ideas, etc.

CFI candidates fly 3 hour segments where you to sit in the right seat and practice coaching a student through all the phases of flight, beginning with the walk around, taxi, takeoff, maneuvers, landings, etc. Your Flight Instructor sits in the left seat and will play several roles, student pilot, examiner, ATC. Your goal is to be an effective instructor, flying to standard, from the right seat. When your instructor deems you ready, or close to ready for a sign-off they will refer you to a “2-year” senior flight instructor who will perform your final evaluation and, if all goes well, sign you off for the CFIA Practical Exam.

Course Duration

The 15-Day course consists of nine days of classroom instruction after which candidates move to the flight portion. We will schedule you for 3-hour flight blocks in the 172RG where you will practice coaching through all the required airwork and landings. Your total course completion time will mostly be determined by your current proficiency with commercial maneuvers and landings. The above does not account for the impact of adverse weather or unplanned aircraft maintenance nor the time it takes for the FAA or DPE to schedule your CFIA Practical Exam.

Final Thoughts

US Sport Flight Academy is the perfect setting for aspiring CFI’s to complete their flight instructor certifications as Addison Airport (KADS) is geographically situated near several airports that offer a variety of training opportunities (controlled, uncontrolled, both narrow and short runways, obstacles, etc.) and enjoys excellent flying weather most of the year. Our graduates are prepared to teach anywhere in the USA and our team of experienced instructors can provide training for CFI certification, flight instructor instrument airplane (CFII) as well as multi-engine instructor (MEI).

Accelerated Options

US Sport Flight Academy offers its entire lineup of training programs in accelerated formats, flexibly tailored for those interested in an immersive and fast-tracked training experience! Our dedicated team will work with you to plan-out time blocks where you can train at your pace to accomplish your goals.

Completion of a CFI certification can take as little as two weeks in one of our accelerated programs.