Commercial Pilot Ground School

6 hours of 1-on-1 instruction for $360

Available in both self-paced and accelerated formats, our Commercial Pilot Ground School is designed to prepare the private pilot to pass the FAA Commercial Pilot Knowledge Test, often in preparation for his or her flight instructor certification.

The course covers all aeronautical knowledge as outlined in 14 CFR Part 61.125b.

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(1) Applicable Federal Aviation Regulations that relate to commercial pilot privileges, limitations, and flight operations;

(2) Accident reporting requirements of the National Transportation Safety Board;

(3) Basic aerodynamics and the principles of flight;

(4) Meteorology to include recognition of critical weather situations, windshear recognition and avoidance, and the use of aeronautical weather reports and forecasts;

(5) Safe and efficient operation of aircraft;

(6) Weight and balance computations;

(7) Use of performance charts;

(8) Significance and effects of exceeding aircraft performance limitations;

(9) Use of aeronautical charts and a magnetic compass for pilotage and dead reckoning;

(10) Use of air navigation facilities;

(11) Aeronautical decision making and judgment;

(12) Principles and functions of aircraft systems;

(13) Maneuvers, procedures, and emergency operations appropriate to the aircraft;

(14) Night and high-altitude operations;

(15) Procedures for operating within the National Airspace System; and

(16) Procedures for flight and ground training for lighter-than-air ratings.