Specialized Training

Specialized Training LSA SportCruiser

There are countless opportunities for you to expand your horizons as a pilot that don’t involve certification, ratings, or endorsements. Whether you’re looking to get acquainted with a new avionics system, learn aerobatic maneuvers, or simply become a better, safer pilot, US Sport Flight Academy can help get you there. Check out some of our popular specialized training options below or call 972-735-9099 ext. 5 to create your own program. If you want training in any area of aviation, we have an instructor or specialist who can help!


Accelerated Training

Interested in one (or several) of our programs, but can’t find the right time to complete your flight training objectives? US Sport Flight Academy offers its entire lineup of training programs in accelerated formats ideal for those interested in an immersive and fast-tracked training experience.

Our dedicated team will work with you to plan out a block of time in which you can train as often as you want while accomplishing scheduled objectives and goals with our staff of talented professionals!

Accelerated training features:

  • Customized training schedules tailored directly to your needs
  • A whole team of skilled flight instructors
  • Guaranteed quick and easy checkride scheduling – no need to take over a month scrambling to find a DPE!
  • Train at Addison Airport (KADS)–one of the busiest general aviation airports in the country–so your training is faster and more comprehensive
  • No hidden fees
  • No fuel surcharges
  • And much more! – Click here for more information


Upset Recovery

Don’t let a bad attitude ruin your day!

No pilot wants to think about violent upsets occurring during your flight, but a little ice on the wings or winds tumbling across a mountain range could cause unusual and unwelcome attitude, not to mention unexpected upsets. Prepare yourself against these unusual attitudes with US Sport Flight Academy’s upset recovery training.

With our training program, you will train in any aircraft in our fleet to learn strategies and actions that will better prepare you to recover from accidental upsets and unusual attitudes. Click here to learn more!



Don’t just expand your horizons; turn them upside down with aerobatic training from US Sport Flight Academy! What better way to improve your skills and confidence than by doing spins, loops, rolls, and more in our 2015 American Champion 8-KCAB Xtreme Decathlon?

Instruction includes both ground and flight instruction on aerobatic maneuvers – click here for more information!


Glass Cockpit

If you’ve never flown with a glass cockpit, you will probably encounter one soon. The innovative technology once used only for advanced jets is now commonplace in many general aviation aircraft.

Whether you fly with conventional instruments or the integrated flight deck of a glass cockpit aircraft, you’ll need to familiarize yourself with the advanced avionics and navigational equipment of a glass cockpit. Most commercial and corporate aircraft will have some degree of glass panel, so it is advisable for every pilot to learn to operate an aircraft with glass panels.

Don’t be intimidated by the LCD displays capable of processing tremendous amounts of data; learn to operate integrated flight decks with ease through our glass cockpit training! Click here for more information!


Light Sport Transition

Many pilots choose to transition from standard category airplanes to light sport aircraft, and we make it easy and fun here at US Sport Flight Academy!

Whether you’re flying every day and want to upgrade to the dual touchscreen Dynon SkyView avionics system, or you haven’t flown in a long time and want to take advantage of the more affordable LSA market, we’ll work with you to design a training schedule and specific goals for you to be safely flying a beautiful CSA SportCruiser in no time! Click here for more information!



Are you one of the thousands of aspiring pilots that began training but didn’t finish for whatever reason?

The talented team at US Sport Flight Academy will assess your knowledge and skill levels and plan a condensed training schedule with you to help you finish up your training and finally obtain that elusive certificate or rating! No matter how far along in your training you were or how long ago it was, our staff of specialists will work with you to finish up your training in the most efficient, affordable way possible.

Don’t let your prior investment go to waste—finish it up at US Sport Flight Academy!